Visiting “2017 TokyoMotorShow”

Hello. We finally visited 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Each motor company showed its own unique concept car. Especially, Mazda “Vision Coupe” and “Kai Concept” were filled with their elegance.    

News: Credit Card Payment System

Inspiraid has just started credit card payment system. You can now pay for your items quickly and easily by credit card. Contact us at if you have any questions. Or you can reach us at the Contact page of our website. Thank you, and we look forward to your inquiries.   To the website:

Clay Model Project

Hello. Summer vacation is approaching in July. I think summer vacation is a lot of fun seasons. I assume recent summer vacation project has become quite free. In the mean time, mine is not a free research for summer vacation and I have participated in a 1/4 scale clay model project which is run by top clay modelers. It was about 7 hours in total. Awesome! 1 According to the size of model we are going to make, cut a base foam board material and fix the foam board as a base. 2 Serve clay from the oven to the base. It forms a rough shape according to the plan. 3


Morning and night, cold winds are blowing in May. They are making us chill down from daylights. Flowers fully cover all over the ground like carpet, and there’s lots of green in the parks. What a wonderful season it became! Inspiraid’s new tools are going well as we reported in the last blog thanks to our friend- the new toolmaker. Inspiraid’s president has been talking with him about every part of the new tool; the edge of the teeth, the handle of the tool, and so on. They have been talking about every single detail of the coming new tools. Recently, we received more orders of “Microplane” (famous as a

HANAMI report

About 21 degree Celsius at today’s noon. A middle of the weekdays of this month, April, it was a sunshine day. Nice and warm outside. They say that it’s going to be continuing warm days for a while. At lunch time, we, Inspiraid, went out for hanami by walk thru the neighbor university campus, where there are cherry blossom trees (looking like a flower tunnel!) beside the baseball ground, and we dived in! On a “half way of blooming”, though it seemed “the beginning of blooming”, we could still enjoy the high contrast of great sky blue, cherry pink colored trees, and the burned brown color of the ground. The

ElastiCAL Film has been broadcasted on US TV news!

One of the days of March, our chairman, Mr. Kochi gave us a chance to watch a video on YouTube. It was a scene of a news programs, which has been just broadcasted in the United States. The program was focused on a high school girl, who was modeling a car design with clay at the body shop in Rose Ville High School. We found the ad of our sister company’s ElastiCAL Film that put on the board behind the wall of this girl in the body shop! Our sister company’s co-worker, Andrew, explained that in the US ABC News corner, “Ann Marie’s All Stars”, one girl named Miranda Runfelt

Our new staff !!

After the 4h of February, first day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar, I can see a lot of Japanese apricot flowers blooming on the Ume trees here and there. Spring has arrived!! Same here, we, Inspiraid, welcomed our freshman of our sister company, Kochi corporation. His name is Andrew Bell. Nice to meet you. Both Japanese and English acceptable, so please give him inquiries from Kochi corporation website. The picture above is taken when Andrew came to Japan for training at Industrial clay factory, visiting clients of clay, masking tape, clay tools, films, equipments, and the others.


October 31st is a Halloween Day. We, Inspiraid, made a Jack O lantern with industrial clay and tapes this year. Please check these pictures!!! We build new imaginations and abilities everyday. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Inspiraid Inc. Yasuhiro Kochi

New Product

ElastiCAL Film.   Hi, our fresh ElastiCAL Film is now released!   When I captioned our movie on You Tube, I had a chance to touch this ElastiCAL Film. How flexible it was!?   Before touching it, I was just wondering what the word “Elstical” means. So, I checked web dictionary and found it means “stretched, flexible, and adoptable” Also says, “Materials, which returns to its original size.” I was like “okay, our film maybe stretchable. That’s good.”   However, after touching the film, I found it stretches and even sticks to everywhere although it’s without glue or water. For example, it sticks to the back side of the office

What the groove on Industrial Clay Tool Blade means?

Exceptionally, there are a lot of damages by sudden spate and tropical storm have happened in not only European Countries and North America but in Asian Countries as well in this summer.  So we strongly wish that the students who are in the Summer Holidays and the people who are taking Summer Vacation spend meaningful time and enjoy and safe.   In the meantime, Clay Tool is the important and necessary items when three dimensional object is made with Industrial Clay.  Particularly, the groove on Industrial Clay Tool Blade is very useful and essential when shave off a deep piece of clay for changing its style on Industrial Clay Model.

Tips about Rice Paper Tape 2

In the previous blog about Rice Paper Tapes, type of adhesive and cutting accuracy were explained.  Today, let me tell you about the way of making its flexibility.   Many of you may like the tape that can be flexible enough to make curves and cutting easily when tapes are using for confirmation of shoulder lines and use as stencils on the Industrial Clay Model.   The most of Rice Paper Tapes are made thin so it may be easy to use as a guide on the clay models.  However, the Rice Paper Tapes itself is made of Rice Paper, consequently, naturally it will not be able to make curve

Small Tips for studio work

Time flies fast as usual! It is almost the end of June this year so we spent about a half of this year in 2016 already. How have you been? Many of Asian Countries are started in to the Rainy Season in June.  In this time of period, a lot of rain with a heat of Summer creates a very moisture that makes us feel so high humidity.  On the other hand, there are some particulars that starts in this season.  Some of the representations of this season are food and refreshment or dessert.  For example. Based on the catch from the ocean such as crab mixed with vegetable salad

(^O^)/ Hi, how are you doing?    This year, it’s been a lot of rain, cloudy days, and the temperature keeps lower during May in Southern California of USA, so looks like there are many days of the “May Greys.” However, opposite to the “May Greys”, I am now riding a rode-bike early in the morning under such a nice sunny day in May called Japanese” Satsuki-Bare”. All the sidewalks are filled with greens and they are brightened here and there in Tokyo, Japan. How refreshing they are! As this coming weekend, the President Obama will come and visit Ise-shima, Japan for the Summit conference, and he will go to


Lots of Chinese people have been visiting many countries these days and they do “Baku-gai”, a sort of Shopping Exploded. At the same time, it is good economical impact to the world. It is said that not only a “Shopping Exploded” but also do “Watching Exploded”, Baku-ken, around the attractions either. Now, one of the spring seasonal traditions of beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming up these days here in Japan. The fronts of cherry blossoms are moving up from the south to the north on the ground, and they broaden their beauties on each ground enormously. Many people coming from all over the world visit Japan are fascinated by the

Clay Design Tape

Today’s topic is our “Kochi Clay Design Tape”. Please read this note and understand how nice this tape is. Surface of clay model can be always modified such as to change its west line, boundary between body end and see through area and border line of body end and lighting area and so forth at any kind of presentation even the clay model is completed. Especially, after color film was applied on the clay model, part of the style must be still modified by stylist. At that time, the Clay Design Tape is useful tool for modification work. Since the Clay Design Tape is developed for such kind of purpose,

Stretch Film

Today, I will talk about our Stretch Film. The Stretch Film –Silver is used for checking highlight of clay surface. And as you know, this work is not so easy.  There is almost no FLAT surface on latest car design.   Furthermore, the detailed finishes need to be show as exactly they are.  That is why I said “not so easy”.   There are two types of films that clay modelers use. One is self-adhesive type and the other is to soak in water to apply. Our Stretch Film No.150 is self-adhesive type. With the special adhesive, you don’t need to use water to apply the film onto clay surface. Then

KOCHI Curving Tape

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Hi, folks. I am Joe Kochi of INSPIRAID. Let me tell you about KOCHI Curving Tape today. Usually, when tapes are applying to the surface of Clay model, tapes are putting on and off a couple of times before decide the final line on the clay model.At this kind of work, Crepe Tapes are often used because it is easy to make a curve, however, because it has weaker adhesion the tape drops easily when the final line is decided on the model. Moreover, recently, the light weight clay is often used at the studios. In order to make Clay in light weight a kind of balloon type of materials

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