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We are manufacturing and distributing our clay to the creators who work with 3 dimensional objects. Clay is a perfect material to confirm the detail of the car design in long history. That is why the clay is so popular to use at Auto Design World. At the room temperature, the clay stays hard. Make it soft by using a clay oven and then apply onto the clay back. Start shaving after get hard. All KOCHI CLAYs are sulfur free. It means it’s safe to your body, good for your working environment and friendly to the earth. Able to incinerate, less stress for disposal.

how to use
Heat the clay using a clay oven at temperature around 60℃(135F) before use. Then clay becomes soft enough for applying.

* Sulfur-Free : Eco-Friendly, modeler’s safety, reduces potential corrosion
* Soft enough to handle when heated, easy to shave, hard enough and edge-stable when cooled down
* Very smooth and fine texture
* Excellent for milling : clay fragments do not stick to the milling bits
* Excellent Cohesion and Adhesion : shows no cracks, no seams
* Surfaces can be prepared with films and tapes
* Low Odor
* Recyclable

– 50 box/pallet (15 pcs/box 750 pcs/pallet)
– Size : 260mm (10.2″) x 56π/pc
– Perfect working temperature : 60℃(135F)
– Color : Brown